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Scientology in Britain

Graeme Wilson H
ello, and welcome to another issue of Freedom, the voice of the Church of Scientology.

     You have almost certainly heard much about Scientology recently. There is little doubt that it has become the most talked about religion in Europe. This is not surprising considering the spiritual and practical knowledge it offers to all who care to look.

     For one thing, it is the only religion in the last century to emerge from entirely new discoveries about the spirit, life, and the interrelationships between the Supreme Being, immortal man and the physical universe.

     While it follows the oldest of all religious traditions, Scientology is not a schism of any other religion from an older civilisation. And it is not something taken only on faith. It is something one does, and can experience and observe oneself.

     But possibly more responsible for its newsworthiness, Scientology is also utterly opposed to all things which make man less free in any respect—physically, spiritually or otherwise.

     Thus, it is not surprising that Scientology occasionally finds itself confronting those whose interests are opposed to freedom. For Scientologists are not merely “philosophically” opposed to such groups and individuals; they work actively, through renowned human rights organisations like the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, to bring abusers into the light and cause beneficial reforms.

     In this regard, you will find articles in this issue on several areas of abuse which are now having the light of truth trained upon them.

     Prominent among these are several pieces relating to the alarming return to Germany of widespread and officially-sanctioned persecution of minorities—an eerie repeat of the early days of the Nazi regime of the 1920s and 1930s.

     You may have heard that recently 34 major entertainment industry leaders published an open letter to Chancellor Helmut Kohl in The International Herald Tribune, appealing to the German leader to bring an end to the persecution of Scientologists and others by members of his political party.

     Kohl arrogantly attempted to make nothing of the claims. But the open letter was far from a lone voice. Charges of serious human rights violations in Germany have recently been raised by many other groups and agencies, such as the U.S. State Department, a British delegation to Germany including members of the House of Lords, the United Nations, and others.

     Meanwhile, the German politicians behind the violations have sought to use their government’s muscle throughout Europe to “encourage” other countries on the continent to implement similar discriminatory policies. While some have complied, the UK government has apparently remained unmoved and maintained its traditional respect for greater individual freedom.

     Kohl recently made a prediction, quoted in a European trade publication. Speaking about the future of the European Community, he said “The future will belong to the Germans ... when we build the house of Europe.” It was an ominous statement in light of the comparisons that have been drawn as a result of the current wave of intolerance sweeping his country.

     But on a more positive note, because we also want our readers to know what we believe and practice, we continue in this edition our tradition of providing answers to commonly asked questions about the Church of Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard—including an excerpt about children from Mr. Hubbard’s common sense moral code, The Way to Happiness.

     If there is anything in this Freedom that you would like to know more about—our beliefs, our community activities or social reform work—Saint Hill is open for visits and tours. There are also many other Scientology churches and missions throughout the United Kingdom, ready to provide information. Inside this publication is a listing of the addresses of churches and missions in Britain and Ireland, which are open throughout the week to all.

     Please feel free to write and share your comments regarding this edition of Freedom. Your views are valued and very welcome.

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