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An Annual Tribute to Religion’s Founder

Master of Ceremonies, Mr. David Miscavige
Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Mr. David Miscavige spoke on the impact of social betterment activities by Scientologists and announced the completion of “L. Ron Hubbard Way” in Hollywood, California.

Thousands attend an evening celebrating the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard

aking stock of a man’s life and accomplishments can be a difficult task. But L. Ron Hubbard may have pinpointed the best criteria himself when he wrote that, “The only tests of a life well lived are: Did he do what he intended? and Were people glad he lived?”

     And on those two tests, millions in more than 115 countries can attest that Mr. Hubbard passed—with flying colours.

     So it is no surprise that the annual celebration of his birthday now routinely draws far more attendees than major awards shows like the Academy Awards in Los Angeles or New York. 1997 was no exception. In fact, record numbers gathered at the Church of Scientology’s UK headquarters outside East Grinstead on March 21 to join in this year’s enlightening evening—relayed by satellite from the Church’s international spiritual retreat in Clearwater, Florida.

     The high spirited proceedings provided an overview of a year of achievements in the Scientology religion and by its members, never before available insight into the life of Mr. Hubbard and a sense of what lies ahead.

     While perhaps best-known as the founder of the most vital and rapidly growing religious movement on Earth, Mr. Hubbard also lived a life which was exciting and multi-faceted in the extreme. He defied—and still defies—any simple categorisation. And the results of his work are today benefiting more people than ever before.

     It was, therefore, fitting that the M.C. for the evening was Mr. David Miscavige, chairman of the Religious Technology Center, the Scientology church which oversees the purity of the religion—and who knew and worked with Mr. Hubbard.

     Mr. David Miscavige described the social betterment activities of members of the Scientology religion as a “multi-pronged assault on all that most troubles this world: drug addiction, crime, illiteracy and immorality. These are the four modern Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” he said.

     The results of programmes conducted by Scientologists in their battle against these ills, summarised by Mr. David Miscavige, speak for themselves: 3.8 million children who are now literate and can study; 250,000 former drug users now leading drug-free lives; 76,000 firms utilising Mr. Hubbard’s administrative methods to boost productivity and create a better world; and 53 million people furnished with a common-sense moral code.

     He also shared news of the ever-growing interest in the Scientology religion, as evidenced by more than 17 million visits to the Church’s Internet site since its unveiling one year before at the March 1996 birthday celebration—with 7 million of those visits having come in the last 2 1/2 months alone.

     The evening’s agenda also offered the audience the chance to gain a deeper insight into L. Ron Hubbard’s exciting and multi-faceted life from Dan Sherman, author of Mr. Hubbard’s forthcoming biography. (See “A Glimpse Inside the Life of L. Ron Hubbard”.)

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